2G KNIVES has a recent, but intense life.

The two good old friends, Rodrigo Mulero Crespí and Pepín Vives, having both logged a long experience in craftmanship, metal work and gunsmithing, decided to fulfill a childhood dream: to make custom knives.


Custom knifemaking is often a late-life vocation, a place where you arrive carried by some magic sharp dwarfs that you keep hiding inside you, until one day, they decide to show up in the shape of a knife.

That was the case with our inspirer William W. Scagel as well as with Bo Randall, Bob Loveless, and many other people who were not born within a knifemakers environment. One day they heard this hidden voice and they made knives their passion. Without trying to compare ourselves to these Masters with our own craftmanship, we certainly share the same passion. A passion which made them Universal men. This Universal Spirit, which recognizes no frontiers, has reached us and moved our souls into the world of William Scagel.

But why this type of knives and not another? Very simple: when we saw a Scagel knife for the first time we knew that these, and not others, were the knives we wanted to make. A real arrow shot. A love story.

We sincerely hope to convey all these feelings when you handle one of our knives: the passion with which we make them and the perpetual search of perfection, a long hard path which we stroll day after day.

The name

Pepín Vives and Rodrigo Mulero choosed the name 2G KNIVES. 2G KNIVES are the initials of "2 Ganivaters", "2 knifemakers" in catalan. Pepín Vives graduatly left his work in 2G KNIVES, from that moment, the sheaths are made by Bear Holsters. Recently Rodrigos son started to work in the forge, to follow the steps of his father.

Tel.: (+34) 653 832 964 · knives@2gknives.com


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