About out life time warranty and basic knife care.
Our knives are quality cutting tools, made by hand just from the finest materials available. That's why we offer a life time guarrantee agains manufactural defects, allways keeping in mind, to use the knife as a quality cutting tool.
We can't replace your knife if it will break due to missuse or wrong sharpening tecnique. Anyway, if your knife should be damaged or break, we will check the damage and send you a quote for repair, if that's possible.
Please remember, that you purchased a quality tool, made from high carbon steel, for best edge retention and sharpening, but it's not stainless. So it will need some care to keep it's beauty and to prevent rust. The handle is made from natural materials as well, so it will need some care, too.
Please clean and dry the blade allways after useage, especially, after contact with water or blood, as blood will easily stain the blade.
Never store your knife for a longer time inside the sheath. For a longer storage, please cover the blade with some oil and keep it out of the sheath in a dry place. Just use the sheath to carry the knife in the field or hunting trips.
With transparent shoecream you can care for the leather sheath and handle to keep it's natural beauty.
Your knife has an "appleseed" convex grind, to keep this grind, you can use the "mousepad" method, put some fine sandpaper on a flexible underground (for example a mousepad). NEVER use a motor driven sharpening stone! The heat can easily damage the blades temper.
In the field you can use a fine arcansas sharpening stone to keep the edge sharp.
Sharpening a knife needs some skills, but we are not able to explain these here, just care for maintaining the same angle on both sides of the blade.
We offer a sharpening service for a minimum price, shipping and insurance not included.

We thank you to have chosen our "2G KNIVES" knife and hope that you and your generations to come will enjoy this quality tool. We will be glad to answer your questions about our knifes, or about your feedback and hunting pictures.

Please feel free to contact us at knives@2gknives.com

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