If you would like to customize your own 2Gknives in accordance with your needs and taste, you can choose between the finest materials available. We forge the blades from the high carbon steels AISI 52100 (1.3505 · 100Cr6) or AISI 01 (1.2510 /1.2842 · 90 MnCrV 8). Normally we make the blades between 4" and 9".

You can choose for the guard and pommel between brass, german silver, copper, silver or steel and personalize the spacers after your own taste. Handles from leather, wood and stag crown following William Scagel or handles from sambar stag, antilope, mammoth ivory or buffalo horn.

We engrave the guard and pommel with your initials and scroll to match your hunting weapon.

Please feel free to ask for matials available and quote at knives@2gknives.com

Tel.: (+34) 653 832 964 · knives@2gknives.com


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